Alauda Prepares To Hold Electric Flying Car Races

Alauda Prepares To Hold Electric Flying Car Races


Although the flying cars that many perhaps dream of have not yet been developed, electric flying car racing is becoming a reality. Alauda, the company that will organize the race, plans to hold the first race in 2020.

In many science fiction films, novels, or games, flying car races have been depicted or narrated. At the moment, we do not have the flying cars described in these books, movies or games, but there are some initiatives in this regard.

Matt Pearson, founder of Alauda, which makes electric flying cars and organizes Airspeeder races, said: “electric flying cars are moving into the reality that will liberate our cities and will also be the answer to the long-term problems we face. Nothing can take technology as fast forward as competition. 20. F1 pilots at the turn of the century pioneered the spirit we enjoy today,” he says.

Alauda is ambitious about carrying the future we see in the games to the present. It is possible to say that the system was especially inspired by games. Pilots will benefit from augmented reality technology to help themselves.

Flying car racing:

It is possible to say that these races will be the most interesting and exciting motor sport in the world. The equipment needed by the teams and manufacturers to compete will also be met by Alauda. Teams will be able to include both companies that already exist in the racing world and new companies. In this way, an intense competitive environment will be created.

Racers will be able to use the latest electric powertrain mechanisms, developed in partnership with companies in the world of motorsport. In addition, the dream of a zero-emission future will be strengthened. Electronic pitstops and a head-to-head competition will also succeed in attracting the attention of e-sports viewers.

The final manned tests of the airspeeders are technically ready. The flights will take place in the desert surrounding the company's headquarters in Australia after the Coronavirus outbreak, which has become a global health problem, ended. The first race is scheduled to take place in 2020.

Testing phase:

The facility was established in Adelaide in Australia. This chosen region has become a global hub for space and rocket technology, as the surrounding desert is a great place to perform manned and unmanned flights. This facility will house engineers and technical experts as the company's technical base.

The firm's global commercial hub is already established in London, the UK capital. In this way, a close relationship will be established with technical expertise in the motorsport, aerospace and electric powertrain development industry.

The company is currently in advanced testing. MK2 electric flying vehicle trials were completed in 2019. The team of test pilots from the US Air Force and Martin Aviation will test the Mk3. Eventually, these vehicles will be able to reach a speed of 200 km/h.tu.

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